The mission of Ballet and Beyond NYC is to change the lives of New York City kids who have a passion for dance.  We are devoted to giving kids a safe and affordable way of exploring the joy of learning classical ballet at a high level, and we are equally committed to helping them develop the self-expression, confidence, and discipline that will allow them to succeed in the world beyond ballet.

Who We Are


Too often, children from low-income families are unable to study ballet with the intensity required to experience a sense of achievement.  Serious ballet schools are mostly located in upper income neighborhoods; classes and attire are expensive; and the time required to learn is prohibitive.

Ballet and Beyond NYC is unique in making rigorous ballet training accessible to all populations. It partners with existing after-school programs and other non-profit organizations that provide services to children outside of their academic day.  And by bringing the ballet studio (the appropriate teacher, structure, attire, and training) to the locations where children are already going after school, it removes two of the biggest barriers that limit access to ballet training for lower income students: cost and travel.

Driven by a strong belief that dance training creates an opportunity for children to learn what empowers them, Ballet and Beyond NYC is dedicated to ensuring that all students who work hard will be able to say with confidence, “I am a dancer.”  With the newfound courage to go to more unfamiliar places, they learn to ask for things that they didn’t know could be theirs.