“Any child who finds an identity through the practice of ballet deserves the opportunity to build confidence and discipline from within.  This should not only be the privilege of children whose families can support their training.” 

Michelle Cave, Ballet and Beyond NYC Founder and Director

Academic Year Program 

Since 2016 Ballet and Beyond NYC has offered intensive ballet and modern dance training to elementary and middle school kids who show up with enthusiasm and an appreciation for the discipline involved in learning structured dance technique. Ballet and Beyond NYC’s mission of providing an affordable way to learn classical ballet is made possible, in part, through a partnership with Goddard Riverside Community Center and the Beacon program, allowing elementary and middle school students to participate for free.

At the elementary level, Ballet and Beyond NYC introduces kids to structured dance education through a twice-weekly ballet class and a once-weekly modern class for third through fifth graders. Students build a strong technical foundation and discover their creativity as they work collaboratively on a culminating choreography.  All students are encouraged to attend free workshops and professional dance performances in NYC.

The middle school program is geared toward giving kids at this critical age the chance to develop an untapped talent. In many cases these students are eager to master the skills necessary to prepare for a performing arts high school audition. Ballet and Beyond NYC provides twice-weekly intensive ballet training, once-weekly modern training, participation in a culminating public performance, and discounted or free tickets to see professional dance presentations throughout New York City. Ballet and Beyond NYC is proud to announce the successful placement of a number of our students in competitive high schools and summer intensive training programs.

In 2018, Ballet and Beyond NYC expanded its geographic reach by partnering with Hamilton Madison House to offer free ballet classes on Saturday mornings. Saturday afternoons you can find us at the Bernie Wohl Center leading the dance portion of Performing Arts Saturdays. In this workshop format, students who train during the week explore their creative side, choreographing their own pieces.

Ballet and Beyond NYC is dedicated to making programs accessible to all students whose families recognize the value of dance training but may be unable to afford it.  This means that even with our partners’ administrative support, we need funds to hire professional teachers and musicians, build our studios, and provide the extra-curricular guidance which connects talented students with real life-changing opportunities.  With your help, we can continue what we began in 2016: we can train young artists and give them the confidence to succeed beyond ballet.